About Us



Established in 1984, the purpose of the Meaford Food Bank and Outreach is to provide individual, compassionate assistance to people in need, in the form of emergency food, clothing and/or shelter, in a dignified setting, and to build health and community within the Municipality of Meaford catchment area. 


The Goals of the Meaford Food Bank and Outreach are to:

  • provide a caring, supportive, welcoming atmosphere that addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, issues of those in need;
  • ensure a continuous and accessible service to those in need of emergency high-quality food in a dignified setting and referrals for emergency clothing and shelter;
  • network with other service agencies, organizations and businesses in the community and surrounding area to promote awareness, and increase support, identify gaps in service, avoid duplication and facilitate referrals;
  • offer multi-faceted, integrated, responsive and prevention-focused programming and education that builds health, hope, skills, self-sufficiency and community; and
  • foster opportunities for community members to build mutual support networks and connect to resources.


Julie Brown, Co-Ordinator, Food Bank – meafordfoodbank@gmail.com
Simona Freibergova, Co-Ordinator, Community Gardens & Second Harvests – meafordcommunitygardens@gmail.com

Board of Directors

Nellie Greb, President
Sue Majzik, Treasurer
Cathy Walsh, Secretary
Kayla Renken, Secretary
Fionnuala Sparling, Director
Mary Bryant, Director
Paul Parkin, Director
Amber Knott, Director
Cathy Medwid, Director
Joyce Straiton, Director
Norma White, Director
Doreen Isaak, Director